Willistown and the Willistown Conservation Trust

Willistown Township is located in the eastern part of Chester County, Pennsylvania, five miles east of West Chester and approximately twenty miles from Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware. Willistown is considered to be on the rural fringe of the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Willistown was a part of the 50,000 acre Welsh Tract surveyed for William Penn in 1684.

To preserve the open land, rural character, scenic, historic and ecologically significant resources of the Willistown area and nearby communities, the Willistown Conservation works with area landowners to acquaint them with the conservation options available to them in planning for the future protection and stewardship of their lands, and assists them in the implementation of those plans.

Conservation projects with landowners include the use of such options as estate planning tools, the donation and/or sale of fee title and partial interests in land (conservation easements), and involvement with various programs to encourage the conservation of scenic, recreational, agricultural, historic or environmentally significant land.
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George H. Rothacker - Willistown - Goshen Road

Goshen & Providence Road

George H. Rothacker - Willistown - Snowstorm


George H. Rothacker - Willistown - Frozen Over

Frozen Over

George H. Rothacker - Willistown - Wilistown Farmland

Willistown Farm

George H. Rothacker - Eastern University - The Cottage

Grubbs Mill Farm at Christmas

George H. Rothacker - Eastern University - Across the Pond

Willistown Winter

George H. Rothacker - Willistown - Crum Creek

Crum Creek in Winter

George H. Rothacker - Willistown - Blacksmith Shop

Blacksmith Shop

George H. Rothacker - Eastern University - Gulph Creek

Studio on Newton Road

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