Waiting at the Station
Acrylic on canvas

On a dreary Saturday in early fall, I drove through Radnor hoping to find a more industrial view of the Township. I thought I might find it by the railroad tracks, and headed for the Villanova Station. The scene I found, though not industrial, was of a somewhat disheveled station adjoined to an unrestoired Victorian stone building (probably the former station house).

On the following day, I returned in early morning with my paint box. Surprisingly the trees had already turned colors and were sparse with leaves. A few hours into the painting, a young man debarked from the train and enjoyed the sun from the small porch for a few moments while waiting for his ride. I painted him into the scene before he changed position, which added scale to the building.

George H. Rothacker - Main Line - Waiting at the Station
Painting: Price on request
Print: $65 +tax and shipping