Victorian Redo
Acrylic on canvas

Adjacent to the Main Line tracks along Aberdeen Avenue in North Wayne is a cluster of homes and stores that most likely were constructed for the working classes in the late 19th to early 20th century. Though simple in structure, some of the homes are classically Victorian with gingerbread ornamentation and strong vertical geometry.

The house to the right in the painting was recently refurbished using modern products including vinyl siding. Though updated, it retains the original conical tower (hidden from view), detailed shingling, and the wrap-around front porch that characterized homes of the late Victorian era. The total lack of foliage and the bright August light, creates the impression of a shore community, rather than of houses in Radnor.

George H. Rothacker - Main Line - Victorian Redo
Painting: Price on request
Print: $65 +tax and shipping

The painting faces east, so I began the painting in the morning from the back seat of my convertible. The shadows drew longer as afternoon approached, but I retained the earlier light though I completed the painting in mid-afternoon.