The Willows Mansion
Acrylic on canvas

After discarding my plans for painting the main house at the Willows earlier in the fall, I was asked if I could paint the building for a wedding present to be given by the brother of the groom for his sibling’s wedding in December.

I told the man I couldn't paint it plein air, and he asked if I could do it from a photo. I searched out the building on the Saturday before the wedding and found a tent and antiques outside the entrance due to the staging of the Holiday Craft Fair. There were few decorations (just a couple of barren wreaths), so I added bows, light and greenery to the painting as I saw fit. I also added shadows in the foreground.

George H. Rothacker - Main Line - The Willows Mansion
Painting: Price on request
Print: $65 +tax and shipping