Eyebrow House
Acrylic on canvas

My wife discovered for me this view of this charming cottage on Beechtree Lane in the North Wayne section of Radnor. She thought the eyebrow in the curved tower looked sinister, peeking through the trees. Though she saw this as a larger painting, I chose to work plein air, since I like the simple structure of the scene.

The house does not seem to match any of the models of the original “rural home” models designed by Wendell & Smith in the late 1800s, but is most certainly of the style of the era. The fence, though not an original detail, reinforces the feeling of seclusion.

George H. Rothacker - Main Line - Eyebrow House
Painting: Price on request
Print: $65 +tax and shipping

As the “eyebrow house” faces eastward, I began the painting in the morning light. Forecasts were for showers, and clouds with some sun. As the afternoon approached, so did the sun, and the shadows became more dramatic. I removed a fire hydrant from the scene, but held on to the stop sign near the center of the scene since it positioned the house near the corner.