Burket's Oil
Acrylic on canvas

Burket’s is the local heating oil supplier in Radnor. It is located on Pennsylvania Avenue which parallels the railroad tracks. From the late 1800s till after World War II, the firm distributed coal, feed and other commodities from this building. A shunt brought the freight cars from the main line to Burket’s second story where coal was dropped from hoppers to be stored outside the ground floor.

The structure has undergone many changes since the 1890s, including the loss of the window in the dormer and the misalignment of windows and doors to accommodate functional changes over the years.

George H. Rothacker - Main Line - Burkett's Soil
Painting: Price on request
Print: $65 +tax and shipping

The building faces East, so it gets the morning light. I painted it on a Saturday morning in late August. The shadows widened as afternoon approached. The painting belies the building’s proximity to downtown Wayne except for the Ace Hardware sign that appears to the left (and which has since been changed).

My perch was alongside the well-trafficked road which was backed by tall trees wrapped with large vines of poison ivy.