Leslie's Avalon House
Acrylic on canvas – 11" x 14"

Leslie always provides a challenge. Her shore house is a 3-story modern sided with grey vinyl. She asked that the painting show a lushly blooming geraniums, day lilies, and additional plantings. She also wanted the sign to the right of the porch to be readable. I told her that the eaves and various projections, such as the porch, would create graphic interest, and that we'd focus on the geranium.

Unfortunately the day lilies and plantings would have to be lost in the cropping. But as the lighting changed from morning to afternoon, I was able to find the graphic I wanted. The word "INFIRMARY" is readable, but the "WHEELER" name and other writing on the sign was too small to depict in a 12" x 9" painting. I also gave the siding a purplish tinge inspired by her purplish-blue front door.

George H. Rothacker - Leslie's Avalon House

Painting owned by Leslie Wheeler
Print: $65 +tax and shipping