Cedar Run
Acrylic on canvas – 8" x 10"

For 18 years, I have spent a few days in spring at Cedar Run, a very small town in north-central Pennsylvania. Most of the years, I spent at least one day canoeing on the Pine Creek with a group of guys.

This spring, when we arrived at 5:30 in the afternoon, I decided to paint the scene as it would look at sundown, before the sun passed behind a mountain.

The painting required two days – the second day was sunny, then cloudy, then raining, but as we arrived at the Inn (at the left of the painting), the sky had opened, so I had the perfect sun to complete my painting. However, it was painfully cold as the sun went behind the mountain.

George H. Rothacker - Cedar Run General Store

Painting owned by Mr. and Mrs. George (Kip) Craven
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