George Rothacker - Havana '59 - Parade Down the Malecon

Parade Down the Malecón

Acrylic on canvas

22" x 28"

Painting: Price on request
Print: $65 +tax and shipping

The Malecón is a broad esplanade, roadway and seawall which stretches for 8 km along the coast in Havana, Cuba, from the mouth of Havana Harbor in Old Havana to Vedado. Under overcast skies, we viewed a steady stream of taxis and other colorful cars from the 1950s "parade" down the avenue. Not all were viewed at one time, as shown in the painting, but classic Chevy's, Fords and Oldsmobiles were often connected, matching their colors to the bright, if not weathered, facades of the buildings along the promenade.