A Man and a Woman
Acrylic on canvas – 24" x 36"

“(Cuba) is an island whose turbulant history is run through with the foremost issues of the twentieth century: decolonization, the search for national identity, wars of independence and revolution, new political utopias, the confrontation of East-West and North-South ideologies... issues that are part of our shared histrory,” writes Nathalie Bondil, Director of The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, in her introduction to the book Cuba Art and History from 1868 to Today.

In Havana, political art shares the stage with visual creations proclaiming the rich, emotional heritage of its people. The scene at a transit stop along the Paseo de Marti, the main boulevard through Old Havana, epitomizes the relationship between art, the city’s crumbling infrastructure, and the normal, everyday lives of the population.

George H. Rothacker - Man and a Woman

Painting: Price on request

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As visitors walking through the Old City, we were always on the lookout for sections of falling facade, rusted-through grates, broken curbs, and divits in the pavement, while everywhere we looked there was the counterpoint between beautiful architecture and patinas and decay.