The Balcony
Acrylic on canvas – 36" x 36"

The peak of Neoclassicism in Havana with the construction of the Vedado district began in 1859. The whole neighborhood is littered with a set of well proportioned buildings. Many wealthy Habaneros took their inspiration from the French, as seen in the floret, doors, and detailing in this painting.

"The Balcony" is a painting about color and texture. After creating many paintings with strong subject matter, I wanted to concentrate on the beauty behind the ruin... the rubble on the balcony, the rust, and the deteriorating facade. I also wanted to create a Havana painting, that although in keeping with others in the series, had a more modern and abstract feeling to it... where the subject matter is subordinate to the graphics and the use of paint. I also wanted it to be fairly large.

George H. Rothacker - Havana '59 - The Balcony

Painting: Price on request
Print: $65 +tax and shipping