Jimmy Stewart's Boyhood Home
Acrylic on canvas – 26" x 38"

Jimmy Stewart was reaching his greatest popularity during the 1950s with movies like “Rear Window,” "Harvey,” and “Anatomy of Murder.” His father, Alex, still remained in the 1853 home he bought in Indiana, Pa.

It has been said that during the early 50s that Jimmy Stewart would buy his father a new Packard every year, but as the years progressed, the actor noticed more and more dents on the car when it was time to trade the car in. Apparently, Jimmy Stewart switched to buying his father less expensive Fords.

The house remains much the same today as it did when the Stewart's lived there with a few modifications (the addition of shutters, an asphalt roof and some window and door changes). The landscaping has also changed. Working forensically with copies of photos from the museum, as well as photos taken in Indiana last month, I painted the home much as it would have looked in the 1950s, complete with a ’53 Packard sedan in the driveway.

Jimmy Stewart's Boyhood Home

Painting: Price on request
Print: $65 +tax and shipping